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Community Tips: Attaching Files

By Ginny Butsch posted 11-12-2019 09:00


This is one part of a series of blogs about maximizing your experience with our online Community, not only to help newbies get their bearings but to also help experienced users learn more and take the next steps, or assist others.

This blog will cover attaching a file to a discussion post. 

Attaching a file to a discussion post is really helpful to illustrate a response or provide additional information. You can easily attach all sorts of files, like photos, lesson plans, video/audio files, etc. 

It's also helpful to know that any files shared are automatically saved as a library entry in the Community library.

First, type in your question or response as usual. You can't attach a document without some sort of explanation about what you are posting, the text box cannot be blank.

Next, click on the "upload file" button below the text box.

You will be prompted to select your file. Click on the blue icon to upload a file that is currently saved to your device. 

If the file is located on another platform, like Google or Dropbox, you can also locate that file using the options on the left.

Once your file has been selected, it will appear on the screen. If this is the only file you need to share, select "upload." If you have more, select "upload more."

When you click "upload," you will be taken back to the text box. You should see your attached file at the bottom. When your response is finished, click "send" and it will appear in the discussion area.
Your finished post should look like the post below, making it easy for people to find what you have shared:

If you visit the Community library and sort by "most recent," the file you shared should also appear as the first listing.

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Stay tuned for more tips on all of the exciting aspects of Community. Don't forget that we also have video tutorials in case that's more your speed. If you have ideas for features you'd like to know more about, send me an email at