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Community Tips: Editing a Post

By Ginny Butsch posted 10-29-2019 08:50


This is one part of a series of blogs about maximizing your experience with our online Community, not only to help newbies get their bearings but to also help experienced users learn more and take the next steps, or assist others.

Today, I'll let you know how to edit your own post. 

Everyone makes mistakes, and posts in the Community are certainly not exempt from the dreaded auto correct. Fortunately, users are able to edit their own posts to correct spelling mistakes, add additional information, or even remove something they've determined is no longer accurate.

A couple notes before I share the details:
-You can only edit your own posts, and you must be logged in to see that option.

-Please do not remove the entire contents of a post, blank messages look strange and cause confusion. If you would like to request that a post be deleted in its entirety, contact me. Be sure to provide the link to the post that you would like removed.

-You do not have the ability to edit your subject line. If that needs to be corrected, contact me.

Okay, here we go! Editing your own post is pretty simple, just find the post, click on the drop-down arrow in the "reply" area and then click on "edit."

That will take you to the editor that you are used to, you can make your changes, then click on the blue "save" button and your post will be updated.

It will note that the post has been edited, along with the date.

Incredibly easy, right? 

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