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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Jerald Bolden

By Ginny Butsch posted 10-22-2019 10:45


We recently launched a new Community program called Teaching Artist Directory. This directory is an EdTA members-only benefit that helps you find skilled theatre professionals to lead workshops in your classroom or at an event. 


Our first featured teaching artist is Jerald Bolden, an experienced musical theatre performer and choreographer, as well as EdTA Professional Member. If you’ve attended a recent International Thespian Festival or a chapter event in California, Oregon, Texas, or Georgia, you might already know him or have attended his workshops! Learn more about Jerald and contact him about teaching in your region by visiting his Teaching Artist Profile.  


What is your favorite thing about being a teaching artist?


Teaching Artists have the unique opportunity to have an impact on a student’s life and career. Teaching Artists create and deliver high-quality, authentic and engaging curriculum and contribute to a student or a school’s climate that is inclusive, creative and inspirational.  My favorite thing about being a teaching artist is bringing the joy of theater to my students and guiding them towards being talented, confident and intelligent creators.


What are your areas of expertise?


My areas of expertise are musical theatre dance, choreography and creative movement. 


Do you teach workshops for students, teachers, or both?


I teach workshops for students and teachers.


What kinds of workshops do you teach?


I teach movement-based workshops.  One workshop I teach is “Crush Your Musical Theatre Dance Audition.”  This workshop helps students get one step ahead of their competition through challenging the student’s ability to pick up material quickly and honing their storytelling technique through dance.  Another popular workshop I teach is “Creative Movement for Actors.” This workshop trains and helps students express themselves more fully with their bodies.  Through imagery and storytelling, students define creative movement, create creative movement and connect how they’re moving with the music they’re hearing and the emotions they’re feeling.


Why do you believe theatre is important?


Theatre is important because it is a shared experience. Audience and performers agree to suspend their disbelief and journey somewhere together. It is a temporary kind of community that we don’t have enough in everyday life.


Jerald would be a great choice if you’d like to provide a fun and engaging learning experience to your students or delegates. Contact Jerald here or explore the Teaching Artist Directory here.