Community Tips: Blogs

By Ginny Butsch posted 09-24-2019 00:00


This is one part of a series of blogs about maximizing your experience with our online Community, not only to help newbies get their bearings but to also help experienced users learn more and take the next steps, or assist others. In this blog, I'll share some tips and advice to help you write your own blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is an easy way to share an experience or opinion. It's typically longer than a discussion post, but doesn't necessarily require a response (if you do need a response, post a question in the discussion area). You can watch a video tutorial about how to create a blog in Community if you would like step-by-step instructions, or just click on "Community" in our blue navigation bar above, drop down to "Blogs" and click on the green "Create a New Blog Post" button.

Helpful Tips for Writing a Blog:

  • Give it an interesting, informative title. What would make someone want to click on it to read more? See my previous blog on writing subject lines for more ideas.

  • Ideal length is between 300-1000 words. This is just a general guideline, so don’t feel like it’s mandatory. Think more than a few sentences, less than a novel. If you think it might be too long, but want to share all of the details, could you make it into two parts? A blog series?

  • Include a picture, video, graph, chart, etc. It will make it more visually appealing (if the image isn’t yours, be sure to credit the source). Bonus: adding an image will make it easier for others to share! 

  • Proofread. Reread what you have written at least once (I do this twice, once silently and once out loud). It doesn’t have to be perfect, but at least make an effort. 

  • Focus on the positives. People are more receptive and likely to continue reading blogs that make them laugh, feel good, or help them learn something.

What can I write a blog about?

  • Share your knowledge. Have you built a popular costume piece, prop, or set? Can you demonstrate the important qualities of a perfect British accent? Showcase the components of a good audition? Create a step-by-step tutorial to help your peers.

  • Tell us about an experience. Did you see an amazing play recently?

  • Write a review. What incident sparked your interest in theatre? Can you tell us what types of activities you participated in at a state conference or theatre event?

  • Express an opinion. Why is theatre an important part of a well-rounded education? Why should one see a play over a movie? 

Don't forget to share it!

Blogs don't appear in the Daily Digest, so you'll need to promote it on your own. Use the "permalink" at the bottom of your blog and send it out in a Tweet, post it to your Facebook page, or email it to your friends. As long as you've set it to "public," anyone will be able to check it out, even if they aren't a member of the Community.

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In previous Community Tips blogs, we've covered Effective Subject LinesSignaturesParticipation Notifications@mentionsSearching the Community Library and Discussions.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for tips on many more exciting aspects of Community.