Community FAQ's

By Ginny Butsch posted 09-20-2013 09:46

I thought now would be a good time to provide some helpful tips about using the community. These are based on feedback and questions I've received, but if there's anything else you want to learn, I'd be happy to help, just contact me.

What is a discussion? A place to communicate, connect, ask questions. If you are expecting a response to a post, it would fit in this category.

What is a library?
A repository of information. This is a place for completed documents, videos, and other resources to be posted. Examples would be a list of theatre vocabulary, a video demonstrating a make up technique, a power point presentation, etc.

What is a blog? Blogs are a place to voice your thoughts and share your knowledge. A blog entry does not require a response. If you want to share an experience you had or something you learned but don't necessarily need answers or feedback, this is the place for your post.

How do I add a picture to a discussion post or blog? When you start a new blog or discussion, you will see a tool bar that allows you to change the font, copy and paste, align text, etc. much like Microsoft Word. One of the options is a little button that looks like this:

If you hover over it, it will say "Image manager." When you click on it, it will allow you to upload a picture from your computer and insert it right into your post.

How do I change my email notifications? The easiest way to do this is to click on the main "Community" link in the blue navigation bar. You'll see a a gray box that is titled, "Join the Theatre Education Community." Step 2 provides you with a link to adjust your subscription settings. You can then change how often you prefer to be notified via email.

What are points? This is a just-for-fun element of the community. Everyone earns points for participating. Adding contacts, updating your profile, posting a blog, replying to a discussion, downloading a document from the library, pretty much anything you do will earn you points. Top point earners are updated once daily and will be showcased on the front page of the community.