Library-Discussion-Blog: When and how do you use them?

By Ginny Butsch posted 06-20-2013 14:48

In each community group, there are a couple different methods of communication. This blog is to help you understand how and when to use each one.

Library: A repository of information. This is a place for completed documents to be posted. Examples would be lesson plans, Power Point presentations, useful PDFs, a video demonstration, photos of a prop or costume for sale, etc.

Discussions: A place to communicate, connect, ask questions. If you are expecting a response to a post, it would fit in this category.

Blogs: Blogs are a place to voice your thoughts and share your knowledge. A blog entry does not require a response. If you want to share something but don't necessarily need answers or feedback, this is the place for your post.

Hopefully, these explanations and examples will help you, but if you have a question about what to post where, don't hesitate to ask!