#thesfest14? Check.

By Liz Coin posted 07-03-2014 13:50

Clothes packed? Check.
Days planned? Check.
Most amazing week of my life? Check.

Prior to Monday, June 23rd, Festival was one giant list. I had activities, workshops, and outfits planned--scripted. Now, it's all mixed together into my memory forever--unscripted.

Day 1: Long, tired bus ride after my alarm didn't go off, BUT things started to look up as I met met the current ITO, many STO's, and my fellow ITO candidates. That afternoon I handed out programs with the soon-to-be Region III rep, Rachel Gatewood, and attended Antigone (beautiful). Later, An Evening with Shaiman and Wittman. I was completely blown away by the humor of the two composers, and how they felt like one of us. An actual quote, "We were you in high school." How inspiring to a theater full of anxious Thespians.

Day 2: First morning of the Student Leadership Program! I was introduced as an ITO candidate and was placed in a group of fellow leaders. After some volunteering and time spent with a group of friends from another Iowan troupe, we started our night of "Paint the Town Red" with Mary Poppins. I am still having a hard time believing the girl who played Mary is only a SOPHOMORE! She has an amazing future. The musical took the audience in all directions (including upside down in a tap dance). That night the festival did a little dancing of its own at the hopping dance in the Student Union Ballroom. A great way to end the first full day of festival.

Day 3: This morning's leadership program was extremely fun. Our groups were told to create something with straws--silently. Our theme was "freedom," so we made an American Flag! (selfie below). With an afternoon filled with door guarding, volunteering, Smokey Joe's Cafe, and my first Meet the 2014/15 ITO workshop, I was ready for a quick power nap before ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! So. Much. Fun. I dressed as Magenta and sat with Texas Thespians for a very loud and enthusiastic showing. Different to this year's festival was a very late night show, BUT Catch Me if You Can did not disappoint, nor did it allow anyone to fall asleep. It is absolutely amazing that we, the 2014 festival attendees, got to be the first to see a high school perform Catch Me if
You Can
after having met the composers earlier in the week. How lucky are we!

Day 4: This day started with a great morning at leadership, followed by an awesome lunch at Five Guys and a nap under a big tree, a second Meet the Candidates Workshop, and one of my favorite plays, Of Mice and Men. I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with the talented man who played Lenny. We discussed the difficulties in playing a character with a mental disability, and he was super sweet. The dance that night was masquerade, and my entire friend group wore creepy Halloween masks. Everyone avoided us due to immense fear.

Day 5: The morning of truth. The new 2014-2015 ITO candidates were voted on and announced. Boy, was I sweating. But I am so humbled and honor to say that I was elected as your Region II Representative. It took a solid 3 days for the news to truly sink in, and I have never been more excited in my whole life. So thank YOU, I cannot wait to serve YOU.

The week ended on Day 6. I was perfectly exhausted. Now we step forward, unscripted, and eagerly await next year's festival.
#thesfest14? Check.
Ready to Make Our Mark in 2015?
We'll check that off in one year.
Thank you all.
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07-09-2014 13:41

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I love that you detailed what happened each day and that you posted such fun photos, it's a great way to capture the experience!