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ITS Troupes Can Now Include Both Thespians and Junior Thespians

By EdTA News posted 05-04-2021 09:00


At the peak time for student inductions, EdTA has a new student induction option that lets International Thespian Society (ITS) troupe directors honor more students and will help grow their programs.

Thanks to the recent upgrade to EdTA’s online membership portal, Thespians and Junior Thespians can now be inducted into the same troupe. What does this mean for troupe directors?

  • If you’re part of a small or rural school where you can’t meet the six-student minimum for two separate troupes, it’s now possible to form one troupe with just six total students across grades 6-12.
  • High school troupes can begin building feeder programs at the middle school level by inducting Junior Thespians into the same troupe.
  • Troupe directors who choose to combine two existing troupes can save $129 in troupe dues this coming school year.
  • This single-troupe option gives busy teachers more streamlined troupe operations, lower fees, and a simpler path to develop student participation over time.
  • As a troupe director, you have flexibility to choose whichever structure best fits your situation. Troupe directors who prefer two separate troupes can continue operating that way.

Best of all, this option is available now: To induct Junior Thespians into your high school troupe (or vice versa), log in at myedta.schooltheatre.org, click Thespian Society Induction, and follow the prompts (see a how-to video). Contact members@schooltheatre.org or (513) 421-3900 ext. 1 with questions.