Iowa Chapter Director Election to be Held in January

By EdTA News posted 12-07-2020 19:19


In January, members of EdTA’s Iowa chapter will choose a new director to replace current co-directors Aaron Dean and Leslie LaCorte, whose term ends July 31, 2021.

The election will open January 8, 2021; eligible voters (all active adult EdTA members in Iowa) will have until midnight CT January 31 to cast a ballot. EdTA will tally the results February 1 and notify the current Iowa chapter directors of the election results.

Per EdTA Chapter Governance Policy, if there is a tie, it will be the responsibility of the Iowa Thespians Board to break that tie.

Alan Strait and Christina Myatt are on the ticket together and if elected as a slate, will serve as Chapter Co-directors. Lynn Jensen is on the ticket to serve as Chapter Director. The new term for the elected candidate(s) will begin August 1, 2021.

Learn more about the candidates in their vitas:

EdTA members should direct any questions about this election to Leadership Development Director Maryann Fiala.