Important Information About the EdTA Board Election

By EdTA News posted 27 days ago


Dear EdTA Members,

We need to inform you that there was a flaw in the process of the EdTA Election that affected approximately 2% of the ballots. This error resulted in undelivered ballots, multiple ballots sent to the same email address, and ballots being sent to one person while addressed to another. 

To ensure the fairness and integrity of the results, it is necessary to void the existing votes and start over with a new vote.

We want to give you full transparency of how this happened. 

In diagnosing the root cause, we discovered the file of eligible voters contained the organizational email for a member when it should have contained the individual’s email. This was a mistake on the part of the EdTA staff.

In approximately 98% of the member records, the organizational email and personal email fields are the same. However, in about 2% of the records, they are different. For example, in Thespian troupes that have an affiliate professional member, both the primary troupe director and the affiliate member have the same organizational email – usually that of the primary troupe director. The affiliate professional member’s ballot was sent to the primary troupe director’s email but addressed to the affiliate member’s name. This resulted in the affiliate member not receiving a ballot but the primary troupe director receiving two.

EdTA will need to reissue a corrected member file to Intelliscan, the election vendor. As background, Intelliscan has managed the EdTA election for the past three years. Intelliscan provides a unique voting link to each member and holds the individual votes so there is complete confidentiality of an individual’s vote. No one on the EdTA staff can access the specific vote of an individual; only the totals are reported. We want to assure you that there were no issues on the part of Intelliscan.

We are totally committed to ensuring a fair election. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make it right. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of us directly.

The election re-vote will commence later this week. Please look out for a new email coming from Intelliscan called “EdTA Election Re-vote.” The ballot will look the same except for the order of board candidates, which is automatically randomized by Intelliscan for each unique ballot. The election re-vote will be open until March 1, and many reminders will be sent to members to maximize engagement and voter turnout.

With appreciation,

Julie Cohen Theobald, Executive Director

Gai Laing Jones, President, EdTA Board of Directors

Scott Wilson, Vice President, EdTA Board of Directors

Debbie Corbin, Chair of EdTA Nominating Committee