Montana State Thespian Conference

By Duncan Kinzie posted 02-13-2014 19:06

Last weekend, I traveled to Missoula, Montana to be a representative at their state conference. Montana is a mid sized state by my estimations, and had about 450 students in attendance. Despite the size, however, Montana packs a punch! Let's review.

On my first day, I walked into a room full of potential STO for the coming year. The present STO run a leadership workshop in the morning, before the shows start, where candidates for next year's board gather to learn about leadership, share their ideals, and show off their leadership skills. This process would continue throughout the conference, between two more workshops and general tasks that the candidates can help the STO out with to get to know them.

Next, the shows kicked off right away. Back to back for the rest of the day was performance after performance of fantastic thespian energy from every school in attendance. Every show brought something great to the table, as was made evident by the diversity of awards presented at the closing ceremonies. The first night came to a close with a banquet, during which several scholarships were announced as well as a teaching award, and then a production of The Miracle Worker by a local rep company. The second day had more shows, and a few workshops in the afternoon.

The closing ceremonies were a lot of fun. Montana thespians have a tradition of competing in tongue twisters and "death by"s, where a rep from each school came to the stage and had to act out a peculiar death. After this, all the awards were presented and that was that for Montana Thes Con 2014.

Congratulations to Sarah DeGrandpre, her adult board, and the STO on a wonderful conference!
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02-13-2014 21:31

Sounds like a successful conference! Thanks for sharing!