Senior year... already?

By Blane Barton posted 09-12-2013 21:08


Saying that I am finally a senior in high school is so unreal. I remember the first day of my freshman year, thinking to myself, “I just want to graduate! I just want to graduate!” And, now I look at a calendar and realize that I am months away from one of the biggest chapters in my life closing, and a whole other one opening. But! Luckily I have theatre keeping me busy as ever, and I could not be happier.

This past year, my theatre department lost two wonderful directors who went to continue their careers in other schools. So, I started my senior year with two brand new theatre directors. At first, honestly, I was terrified. I was so scared that they would try to change everything, and that my senior year would be awful. But, boy, was I wrong! They both have been so supportive and a great new addition to our theatre department.

I have been blessed to serve as troupe President for the past two years. So, this year, I had a lot better idea of how I wanted to lead my department. I was also elected to serve on the Texas Thespian Student State Board, which has been such a blast! Being an SSB has given me so many life changing experiences and lessons that I could have learned anywhere else.

However, sometimes life gets stressful. Very, very stressful. I spend majority of my time outside of school and rehearsals either planning a troupe event, making some sort of spreadsheet, or talking with my fellow State Board officers about Texas Thespian Festival. So, I really do not have much free time! But, what theatre student does?

To add to the stress of being troupe President, State Board officer, and academics, I am also currently involved in two shows at my high school. I go from rehearsing my Production class show, All in the Timing, to my after school rehearsals of Leading Ladies until about 6:00pm every evening. Luckily for me, a large portion of my friends are involved in the after school production, so I see them on a daily basis. But, my family on the other hand, that is a completely different story! During production, I do not usually get home in time to eat dinner with my family, and everyone is getting ready for bed when I’m finishing up with my two hours of homework/theatre work each night! Because of our busy schedules at home, we set aside to have brunch every Sunday morning to reconnect, talk about our weeks and what we have going on for the next week.

Despite the late nights, the hours of homework, research and the millions of emails, I know that I would not ask to spend my senior year of high school any other way. I love what I do, I love theatre and I am so thankful for the experiences that I have been given. I cannot wait to see what this year, and the future, have in store!

For now!

Blane Barton 




09-19-2013 20:25

Blane, you are a star!! Texas Loves you.

09-18-2013 12:11

The same thing happened to me my senior year! We were absolutely devastated that our drama teacher decided to retire, but the new one quickly won our hearts. Now I consider myself lucky to have experienced both of their teaching styles.

09-13-2013 15:20

This is great Blane! Thanks for posting!! :)