Leadership Summit 2014

By Alyssa Jewell posted 08-01-2014 17:23

Leadership Summit 2014

After my over night­into the early morning journey through airports and over countless states, I

found myself in the beautiful city known as, Cincinnati. It was the first time since Thespian

Festival that we, the 2014­2015 ITO had gotten to see each other. Over the next couple of days

our already existing bonds of friendship would become unbreakable. Learning how to effectively

work as a team and planning out our goals and workshops for the year, I find out that I am

among some of the most passionate and driven people in the world. The way each of us

communicated our ideas and personal goals opened my eyes to the inner beauty of all the ITO.

Immersing ourselves into advocacy, leadership and countless other important projects that will

be displayed this year, the 2014­2015 ITO became invincible and ready to conquer our term.