By Alyssa Jewell posted 07-05-2014 20:40

In early April at my state conference in Salem,Oregon, I was honored with the opportunity to run for State Thespian Officer, but also with the chance to get to know one of the 2013 ITO, Sarah. She was the soul reason why I bent over backwards to get myself to Lincoln, Nebraska. After minimal meetings and many tornado warnings, I found myself at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln covered in sweat and ready to work. Through out the week, I met hundreds of amazing leaders and overall compassionate people. I attended workshops, ran around finding rooms for headcounts and got the chance to show what Thespians has done for me while communicating what I want to do for Thespians. Although the week was filled with sweaty walks to the Leid and late night lightning storms, it proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I hope to see ALL of you there next year!
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07-09-2014 13:36

It's so great to hear about your experience, thank you for all your hard work!!!