Beat Summer Boredom

By Alexandria Bagwell posted 06-07-2014 23:47

Already bored this summer? You've probably already swam in the pool while singing every number from The Little Mermaid, watched 200 videos, and listened to your Show Tunes playlist until you're sick of it. Well an older gentleman, who volunteers at our theater because he loves the arts and children, asked me before school ended, "Alexandria, what are you going to do to better yourself for the program this summer?" That question really stuck with me, so today instead of watching 200 MORE interview videos, I decided to beat summer boredom and better myself by doing a Broadway Cardio Dance workout on YouTube! It kicked butt!! I learned some fun new moves, had a great time, got my heart rate pumping, and felt an instant boost of star power for pushing myself to try something that challenged and intimidated me. My advice to you fellow bored theatre kid- Google "Broadway dance workout" and have the time of your life while learning some new moves! I hope you'll feel as great as I did today!