Dear Ms. Smith

The Dear Ms. Smith letters—one thanking the recipient for past support and one asking for support—are posted here in Word format for easy editing.

Each letter:

  • Includes both real data drawn from our Theatre and the Arts: Did you know? fact sheets and a series of imagined facts (highlighted yellow text) that are intended as examples of school-specific data about the student and community value of your program.
  • Is written so that any individual—adult or student—can serve as author.
  • Can be customized for a wide range of individuals or organizations: superintendents, school boards, principals, district administrators, legislators, etc. and public messaging such as newspapers and blogs. For an example of an effective newspaper editorial, see the Curriculum Cuts Not the Answer column by EdTA Executive Director Julie Woffington.

It’s really up to you to decide the format and audience for your letter. Just remember that a carefully crafted letter needs to be grounded in solid evidence and sound, well-reasoned thinking. An emotional appeal might make you feel better, but it’s not likely to convince your audience to consider your request or to even read your entire letter.

The Dear Ms. Smith letters are located in the Local resources entry of the Advocacy library.