New perks for Thespians

July 27, 2015

Some nice enhancements of member benefits for Thespians and Junior Thespians announced earlier this year become effective August 1.

New benefits include:

  • Extended access to Dramatics magazine online for Thespians. Newly inducted Thespians will continue to receive a one-year print subscription to Dramatics, as always. But now they will have access to the online edition of the magazine until one full year after they graduate. (Note that a login is required to access the digital magazine through the Schooltheatre website. Each Thespian’s email address must be on file in the troupe record to provide a login credential.)
  • Every Thespian and Junior Thespian will receive an induction pin and a “Proud Parent of a Theatre Arts Honor Student” bumpersticker.

The induction fee during the 2015-16 school year will be $28 for Thespians and $10 for Junior Thespians.