Chapter director nominees selected

Chapter director nominees selected

September 2, 2016

The following EdTA chapter boards, in accordance with the organization’s regular rotation of leadership terms, have nominated chapter directors to serve from August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2021. Here are the selections:

Connecticut: Stuart Younse
Iowa: Aaron Dean, Leslie La Corte
Illinois: James Smith
Indiana: Raymond Palasz, Jeremy Leazenby Bruce
Kansas: Chad Nulik
Massachusetts: Jessica Harms
Maryland: Dorothy Delucchi
Minnesota: Jennifer Dinndorf
Missouri: Jennifer Forrest-James
Montana: Sarah DeGrandpre
Nebraska: Angela Dashner
New Hampshire: Jennifer LaFrance
New Jersey: Carolyn Little
Ohio: Pat Santanello, Irene Imboden
Oklahoma: Lauren Peck-Weisenfels, Kevin Hurst
Pennsylvania: Mark Zortman
Rhode Island: Robert DiMartino
South Dakota: Kit Rodgers
Wisconsin: Holly Stanfield, Kendra Dando
Wyoming: Zachary Schneider

The chapter director candidates put forward by their chapter boards will take office next August unless their selection is contested by a petition candidate. As provided by the EdTA Chapter Governance Policy, any voting member of EdTA can petition to be included on the ballot in a chapter director election for his or her state.

A petition form and instructions are available here.