Julie Cohen Theobald, Executive Director. Doug Berlon, Deputy Executive Director, Education and Content. Brian Monk, Chief Operating Officer. Samantha Simendinger, Assistant Manager, Support Services. Nancy Cohen, Administrative Support Specialist. Becca Wren, Administrative Support Specialist.
Chapters and Communities

Diane Carr, Director of Chapters and Communities. Ginny Butsch, Community Manager.
Marion F. Combs, Director of Development. Angel Wuellner, Business Development Manager. Claire Calder Willingham, Development Assistant.
Educational Programs
Nancy L. Brown, Director of Educational Programs. Jim Curtis, Educational Programs Manager. Betsy Singer-Lefton, Educational Events Manager.
Doug Sandor, Director of Finance. Jim Huneke, Accountant.
Sandra Lundgren, Director of Marketing and Communications. Allie Honebrink, Marketing and Communications Manager. Geri Shields, Graphic Designer.
David LaFleche, Director of Membership. Brian Benz, Membership Manager. Tammy Schneider, Assistant Membership Manager. Emily Knopf, Inventory and Shipping Coordinator. Adrianna Boris, Membership Service Specialist. Nate Netzley, Membership Service Specialist.
Gregory Bossler, Director of Publications; Editor-in-Chief, Dramatics and Teaching Theatre. Caroline Brock, Managing Editor, Dramatics and Teaching Theatre. James Palmarini, Director of Educational Policy; Editor-at-Large, Teaching Theatre. Susan Doremus, Graphics Specialist and Production Manager. Harper Lee, Digital Content Manager; Associate Editor. Ethan Burgmann, Digital Content Coordinator.
Jim Flanagan, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Technology. Nick Lorenz, Technology Support Coordinator.