International Thespian Officers

International Thespian Officers

The International Thespian Officers (ITO) are elected by their peers to represent the student voice in the Educational Theatre Association and International Thespian Society. These officers work year-round with EdTA staff, chapter leaders, and Thespians from across the globe to nurture strong student leaders, advocate for the arts, fundraise for accessibility, and create the best experience possible for students.

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Addison Blumberg headshot
Addison Blumberg
  Troupe 830
Rosanno Gao Headshot

Rosanna Gao
Troupe 7486
New York
Jenny Hackenberger headshot
Jenny Hackenberger
  Troupe 75
Alexandra (Alex) Holder headshot
Alexandra (Alex) Holder
Troupe 7055
Simran Jain headshot
Simran Jain
  Troupe 1154
Jarrett Stewart headshot
Jarrett Stewart
Troupe 7532