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Board of directors


Jay Seller, Ph.D., President

Executive Director - Think 360 Arts | Denver, Colorado

Term  8/1/2013 - 7/31/2015

Former director of Thespian Troupe 5012, Horizon High School, 32 years; former Colorado chapter director; twenty-plus year member of state board; co-author of Colorado Theatre Standards; editor and writer of textbooks and other curriculum materials.

Frank Pruet, Vice President

Retired theatre educator | Roswell, Georgia

Term  8/1/2013 - 7/31/2015

Former two- time state chapter director in Georgia; over 20 years experience on the Georgia Thespians chapter board.


Hunter Bell

Writer, performer | New York, New York

Term 8/1/2014 - 7/31/2017

Tony nominated writer, distinguished alumnus of Webster University, and a former Georgia Thespian and State Student Officer. He has taught theatre and creative writing workshops around the country.


Matt Conover

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment  | Anaheim, California

Term  8/1/2013 - 7/31/2016

Vice president for show development resources and talent casting, and executive producer of special projects for Disney, where he has worked in various capacities for more than twenty years.


Debbie Corbin

High school educator | Branson, Missouri

Term 8/1/2012 - 7/31/2015

Drama director at Branson High School in Missouri and director of Thespian Troupe 3482 for twenty-four years. EdTA chapter director for Missouri from 2002-2012.


Krista Carson Elhai

Theatre arts educator | Claremont, California

Term 8/1/2014 - 7/31/2017

Member of the CA State Thespians Board since 1993. California State Chapter Director 2003-2014. Chartered Troupe 4015 at Hemet High School. Current Thespian Sponsor of Troupe 2129 and Theatre Chair at Claremont High School in California. 


Anita Grant

Retired theatre educator | Stafford, Texas

Term 8/1/2014 - 7/31/2017

Theatre Educator, State Chapter Director and Board member who has taught and directed Theatre, Creative Drama, managed Boards and committees & worked with all age groups for over forty years.


Stephen Gregg

Playwright | Venice, California

Term 9/22/2012 - 7/31/2015

Playwright, professional member, and founding dramaturg of the Thespian Playworks program.

Lynn Jensen

High school educator | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Term 8/1/2013 - 7/31/2016

Former chapter director for Iowa; currently a troupe director at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids.

Gai Jones

Theatre educator | Ojai, California

Term 9/28/2013 - 7/31/2016

Veteran director and teacher at high school and college levels, including thirty-four years at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California. Author of Raising the Curtain: Activities for the Theatre Arts Classroom.


John Prignano

 Music Theatre International | New York, New York

Term 12/17/2014 - 7/31/2019

Senior Operations Officer and a veteran advocate on behalf of arts education. Has played a key role in the development of programming to bring musical theatre to underserved student populations.


Kenneth Washington

In memoriam

1946 - 2014


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