2021 Board Election

2021 Board of Directors Election Guide

EdTA's 2021 board of directors election will open January 27 and run through March 17. All EdTA adult members in good standing are eligible to vote — you have a voice in choosing who will represent you on the board.

Currently, the board of directors comprises eight elected members, including the president and vice president, and three appointed members (view current board). The vice president/president serves a five-year term, two as VP, two as president, and one as past president. Other elected members serve three-year terms, and may be re-elected for a total service of six years. Appointed members serve one four-year term. This year, a vice president/president and two board directors will be elected for new terms, and members will vote on two proposed code changes.

As an average member, how does the board of directors affect you? What should you consider when deciding whom to vote for? This guide is intended to help you understand the board's role within the organization, why your vote is important, and the backgrounds and qualifications of the candidates seeking your vote.

Board Role

The EdTA board is a governing board (not a working board). What does a governing board do?

  • Sets direction: Reviews EdTA’s mission to ensure that it remains a guidepost, establishes strategic goals and priorities, plans for the future.
  • Ensures and protects resources: The board is responsible for protecting financial assets, physical assets, reputation, and image.
  • Provides oversight: Ensures policies are in place to evaluate infrastructure, programs, and services.
  • Engages in outreach: Understands, interprets, and communicates the diverse needs of the membership. Board directors act as ambassadors and advocates of the mission.

The board is not an honorary post, nor is it involved in day-to-day operations — those are managed solely by the executive director, who is the board's employee. Board members must be comfortable making strategic and sometimes-difficult decisions that affect the entire membership.

Association Priorities and Objectives

Like all associations, EdTA faces continued operational and financial challenges due to the pandemic. Our top priorities are to focus on core services and organizational health, specifically:

  • Honoring students through the International Thespian Society 
  • Online professional learning and resources for teachers
  • Thespy­® Awards and the Virtual International Thespian Festival
  • Supporting chapters in Thespys and virtual events
  • Upgrading our association management system 
  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the association
  • Financial stability and rebuilding reserves

Proposed Code Changes

The ballot includes two code changes about the duties of the board treasurer and board nominations by petition. Review the proposed changes.

2021 Board Candidates

Below you'll find resources to help you get to know the candidates and how they might represent EdTA members:

  • A one-minute video sharing each candidate's vision for theatre education and EdTA coming out of the pandemic
  • A candidate profile containing each person's CV and details about their leadership experience and qualifications in their own words.

We encourage you to review each candidate's vision, then reflect on how their involvement might advance the association's objectives and the way you would like the association to serve you.

President Vice/President Candidates

Presented in alphabetical order.

Krista Carson Elhai

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David Tate Hastings

Read Profile

Scott Walker

Read Profile

Board Director Candidates

Presented in alphabetical order.

Randall Adkison

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Tali Allen

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Donald Amerson

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Sean Elias

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Joannarae Ibañez

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Darla Jones

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Silvia D. Scaife

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Mary Schuttler

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Christopher Veneris

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How to Vote

Every EdTA adult member will receive a secure ballot by email when the election opens at the end of January. The ballot will be sent to the email address associated with your membership account. Watch your inbox!