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2014 Donors

The Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society wish to thank the following for their generous support to date (Nov. 11th) in 2014:

Broadway Circle

Producer ($5,000 and Up)

Ron Longstreth

Director ($3,000 – 4,999)

Texas Thespians

Performer ($1,000 - $1,999)

Hunter Bell
Marion & Dr. Diana Combs
Matt Conover
Kat & Brant Fischer
Dr. Jay Seller
Jerry Smith
Kenneth Washington
Julie Woffington
Kansas Thespians
Ohio Educational Theatre

Friends of EdTA

Advocate ($500 - $999)

Krista Carson Elhai & Philip Elhai
Gai Jones
Gloria McIntyre
Joe Norton

Enthusiast ($250 - $499)

Debbie Corbin
James Flanagan
Karen Pionke
Frank Pruet
Beth & Chad Withers
Jonesboro High School, Troupe 1338

Patron ($100 - $249)

Dina Bennett
Nancy Brown
John Cariani
Debbie Cleveland
Greg Cohen
Rick Dalglish
Jason Daunter
Alison Fraser
Anita Grant
Stephen Gregg
Christopher Hunt
J. E. Masters
Lisa Newton
Raymond A. Palasz
Linda Phillips
Laurel Salem
Patricia Santanello
Dr. Mary Schuttler
Nicholas A. Smith
Kimberly Staples
Jim Talkington
Pam Ware
Mrs. Ellen White
Judith Woffington
California State Thespians
Grinnell High School, Troupe 4274
KD College
Local Independent Charities of America
Papillion-LaVista South High School, Troupe 6581
Viking Middle School, Troupe 88093


Donor (Up to $99)

Emily Augustin
Merritt Beischel
Brian Benz
Gregory Bossler
Craig Branch
Molly Braverman, in memory of Mommom
Ginny Butsch
The Carr Family
Marc Cohen
Julie York Coppens
Don Corathers
Jim Curtis
Jennifer Dinndorf
Susan Doremus
Kevin George
Andrew & Barbie Goldberg
Tim Grant
Molly Grasso
Joan Hahn
Elizabeth Hansen
Richard Hogle
Jim Huneke
Christopher Hunt
Clare Jaymes
David LaFleche
Harper Lee
Carol Lommen
Joe McManus
Dennis Maganza
Elaine Malone
Ben Martin
Mindy Mayer
Teresa McGrath
Brian Monk
Ben Ochsner
Kerry A. Onxley
James Palmarini
Suzie Parker
Tammy Partin
Margaret Perrino
Lindsay Price
Doug Sandor
Deborah Sensel-Davis
Taylor Stokes, Severna Park High School
James Stone
Jim Talkington
James Van Leishout
Susie Wall
KC Wilkerson
Laurilea Williams
Y. Angel Wuellner
Alamo Heights High School, Troupe 8069
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ashland High School, Troupe 4630
Ola High School, Troupe 7321
Suttons Bay High School, Troupe 6248

If you note an inadvertent error in our donor listing, please contact Marion Combs at 513.977.5539 so that we can make a correction.