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Send a Troupe to Festival

You can transform lives! You can send a troupe to Festival!

Here's how...

Every summer, more than 3,000 students travel from all over the country and the world to attend the Thespian Festival, a week of creative exploration hosted by the Educational Theatre Association. Festival connects delegates to main stage performances, colleges and scholarships, and a wealth of workshops for learning and growth.

Festival is a life-changing experience, but many troupes that would benefit greatly are not able to attend!

The Send a Troupe to Festival grant covers all travel and basic registration expenses for up to three deserving Thespian troupes who have never been to the Thespian Festival and can demonstrate financial barriers to attending.

Since 2012, generous supporters have sent five troupes to Festival. Your gift can make Festival possible for three deserving Thespian troupes in 2015! Help us get our 2014-2015 campaign off to a great start by giving now.

There are three easy ways to make your tax-deductible donation:
  1. Donate online using a credit card.
  2. Send a check to:
    Attn: Send a Troupe
    2343 Auburn Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45219
  3. Call Marion Combs at 513.977.5539
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Apply to receive a Send a Troupe to Festival grant!

We hit our goal for Thespian Festival 2014. Thanks to our donors!


Arizona Thespians
Arkansas Thespians
Emily Augustin
Frederick Ballo
Merritt Beischel
Brian Benz
Sara Bogard
Greg Bossler
Branson High School Troupe 3482
Molly Braverman
Jeffrey Brick
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Kent Brown
Max Brown
Nancy Brown
Kelly Burrows
Ginny Butsch
California State Thespians
Diane Carr
Erin Carr
Lauren Carr
Sharon Chadwick
Debbie Cleveland
Russel & Rhonda Cohen
Sheldon & Sandra Cohen
John Conover
Matt Conover
Julie Coppens
Don Corathers
Debbie Corbin
Cynthia Corley
Margaret Crosby
Brian Curl
Nancy Curtis
Rick Dalglish
Jason Daunter
Katie & Brian Daunter
Skylar Ann Daunter
Sarah DeGrandpre
Jennifer Farrell
Denise Ferguson
Amy Fertitta-Jordan
Kat Fischer
Michael Fisher
Jim Flanagan
Steven Fleming
Jennifer Forrest-James
Bob and Marti Fowler
Alison Fraser
Kevin George
Robert Geuder
Debby Gibbs
Nancy Gibbs
Eunice Goldberg
Jo Beth Gonzalez
Michael Graziano
Carolyn Greer
Stephen Gregg
Joan Hahn
Gordon Hammersmith-Successful Products Company
Paul Hampton
Laurel Harris
Seth David Healy
Caitlyn Hebert
Ann Hileman
Jim Hoare
Richard Hogle
Jim Huneke
Chris Hunt
Irene Imboden
Lynn Jensen
Nicole Johnston
Gai Jones
Spencer Jones
Wendell Jones
Elise Lammers

Marla Lampert
Harper Lee
Julia Levine
Rolando Linares
Carol Lommen
Ron Longstreth
Cory Losenicky
Alison Luff
Michael Mahany
Ben Martin
Mindy Mayer
Jameson McDougal
Kristin McFadden
Sheilah McFadden
Gloria McIntyre
Jane McKeown
Kevin McMahon
Marydell Merrill
Nona Miller
Virginia Morelli
Nicole Morgan
Mary Ellen Moriarty
Michelle Moss
Shawnda Moss
William Myatt
Mark Myers
Christy Ney
Ronald Nocks
Joe Norton
Ben Ochsner
Lorie O’Leary
Kerry Onxley
Ray Palasz
Papillion-La Vista High School
Suzie Parker
Tammy Partin
Jeff Peck
Michael & Linda Peitz
Christopher and Gail Perrino
Margaret Perrino
Karen Pionke
John Prignano
Madison Kate Proffitt
Frank Pruet
Steven Quinn
Christine Riley
Anne-Marie Roberts
Andrea Roney
Laurel Salem
Doug Sandor
Patricia Santanello
Dr. Jay Seller
Shannon Siegel
Spencer Spotts
Kimberly Staples
Lindsey Stewart
James Stone
Alan Strait
Danny Strong
Jim Talkington
Texas Thespians
Garry Tiller
Christina Tracey
Ruben Van Kempen
Leslie Van Leishout
Janet Van Wess
Tom Viola
Susie Wall
Pam Ware
Kenneth Washington
Michael Weferling
Amber White
Ellen White
John & Judith Woffington
Julie Woffington
Mark Zortman