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Mr. James Palmarini

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My Blog

  • The cancelation of Spamalot at South Williamsport (PA) High School


    The cancelation of Spamalot at South Williamsport (Pennsylvania) High School, perhaps because of the musical's gay content, has prompted widespread media coverage, led by Howard Sherman, the former executive director of the American Theatre Wing. Sherman has posted several blogs about the cancelation, most recently around the firing of the school's contracted theatre teacher Dawn Birch. This evening, the South Williamsport School Board will meet and likely discuss the controversy....

  • New School Year, New Theatre Standards


    It’s the dog days of summer, but not for long. Soon, if not already, the new school year will commence and you’ll begin thinking about what plays to produce, lessons to devise, sets to build, rehearsals to plan, and how to ensure that each and every one of your students gets the best possible experience in your classroom and on your stages. And, oh—you’re likely also thinking about how you’ll manage to get everything done in less than twelve hours a day. Still, you love your job, your students,...

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  • Help Wanted: Educators and Student Advocates to support the adoption of the new National Core Theatre Standards


    Help wanted: Educator-Advocates needed to support adoption of the National Core Theatre Standards On June 4, the new web-based National Core Arts Standards were released during a streaming webinar in which nearly three thousand individuals participated. The standards in dance, media art, music, theatre, and visual arts are the result of three years of work by the National Coalition for Arts Standards. Seventy writers and NCCAS leadership reviewed thousands of comments by teachers, administrators,...

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  • Standard Time

    Open Forum

    Standards time In 2011, the leadership of the national arts education organizations met in Washington, D.C. to discuss the status of their disciplines in schools. Arts education, while robust and available for some students, was becoming increasingly unavailable to others. There was a sense of urgency in the meeting driven by two facts: One, the increased emphasis on testing in other subject areas, tightening budgets, and a lack of understanding of the value and purpose of arts education...

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  • A Glorious Day in Washington: Arts Advocacy Day 2014


    A glorious day in Washington: Arts Advocacy Day 2014 This week was really important in Cincinnati, the home of the national EdTA office. Baseball season started with a parade and gloriously sunny day. The home team lost, but that was a minor detail—we didn’t win the battle but maybe we’ll win the war of 162 games. And that makes me think of what took place the previous week in Washington, D.C.— Arts Advocacy Day 2014 . In that glorious event (not so sunny, but it didn’t matter)...