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Job title
Technical Theatre Director & Instructor


Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School; Augusta, GA

Job description
Serve as technical director/production supervisor on all main season productions for drama, dance, music, and other fine arts programs in 700-seat performance facility and other ancillary facilities in and around the school.
Maintain production schedule for all fine arts programs; organizing, designing, installing and maintaining production support including scenery, staging, sound and lighting. Supervise and run all public performances requiring technical production support. Procure and maintain equipment and supplies necessary in producing a wide variety of programs and special events, supervising and maintaining a small scene shop and scenery storage area.
Supervise and train student workers ranging from middle school through high school in the areas of scenic construction, design, painting, installation, stage management, lighting, sound, special effects, and stage electrics work. Promote a safe work environment and instruct students through hands-on experience in the standard methods of technical production.
Maintain and upgrade shop and stage equipment, tools, storage and workspaces, and performance spaces. Install and dismantle modular staging components, as needed in alternative performance spaces. Work with other fine arts teachers to develop reasonable and creative production plans; should have some experience in drama, musical theatre, dance, music concerts, and combined event production.
Teach middle school introduction to stagecraft and supervise two high school classes of hands on production work both onstage and in shop. Design or supervise the design of all scenery and lighting for drama, musical, and dance productions. Assist in technical supervision of annual drama performance competitions as necessary.

Bachelors with three years experience in technical management. Experience with scenic/properties related skills and with the tools and processes required to produce scenery/properties for the theatre. Seeking ability and willingness to supervise and train both experienced and inexperienced students while maintaining an educational mission. Current/active teaching certificate in field helpful, but not necessary for initial hire. Good organizational and people skills a must.

Preferred Additional Qualifications or Skills:
Experience in professional/regional stage production, facility management, safe stage rigging and non-flying scenery shifting mechanics, solid background in scenic fabrication, both wood and steel, and engineering, integration of electronic media with live performance.
Teaching experience in a public or private middle or high school or at the college level.

Pay, benefits, and work schedule
Commensurate with experience based on the Richmond County (GA) Board of Education certificate pay scale. Available benefits include Health Benefit Plan, Insurance options [Disability, Life, Vision, Cancer and Dental], Worker’s Compensation, Cafeteria Benefit Plan, Credit Union, and incentive pay for unused sick leave. Participation in the Georgia Teacher Retirement System is a condition of employment.

About hiring institution

Technical Theater Director/Instructor
Davidson Fine Arts School
Job Criteria Specifics

1. Focus of the Technical Theater Department at DFA.

The Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School was established as an academic institution enhanced with the study of the arts. The Technical Theater department is the newest course of study that is available to students in grades 6-12 (ages 11-18). It has been a challenge for the technical director/instructor to balance the need for instruction in the art of technical theater while being able to train crews to support and work shows on the heavy performance calendar.
This position needs to be filled by an individual who possesses a commitment to education and who enjoys the challenges of working and mentoring students in the age group that Davidson houses. It will be necessary for the individual to work closely with the Fine Arts Department Program Specialist in order to develop a syllabus that will enable students to be proficient and knowledgeable in the art of technical theater while developing the skills necessary to aid the TD in mounting shows in a timely manner.
It is important to understand that 98% of the students who have chosen to concentrate their art studies in the area of Technical Theatre will not chose to pursue this as a career upon graduation. However, it is the responsibility of the technical theater instructor to train his/her students as if they were going to make this choice. This idea holds true for all of the instructors in the Fine Arts Department at Davidson.

2. Teaching Responsibilities

a. The school year for teachers includes 180 actual teaching days with ten additional working days devoted to planning and evaluation by the staff at each school. It is the policy of the Georgia State Board of Education to regard the minimum workday for the teacher as eight hours and the workweek as 40 hours. Due to the unique nature of this position, it is the responsibility of the technical theater director to maintain this minimum schedule which will vary according to the performance schedule. The employee holding this position can expect some weeks to be greater than 40 hours while other weeks will be the minimum.

b. The Monday through Friday teaching day during the 2014-2015 school year for the Technical Theater instructor includes the following classes:

10:45-11:10 Middle School/High School Introduction to Stagecraft
11:15-11:40 Middle School/High School Introduction to Stagecraft
11:45-12:10 Middle School/High School Introduction to Stagecraft
12:15-12:40 Collaborative Planning and instructional mentoring with Fine Arts Program Specialist
12:45-1:10 Middle School/High School Stagecraft 2 & 3 (Intermediate -Advanced)
1:15-2:10 Technical Theatre Levels 2 & 3
2:15-3:10 Technical Theatre Levels 2, 3, & 4

c. During the August to May school year, the Technical Director is responsible for supporting a variety of performances in Dance, Drama, Vocal Music, Band, Orchestra, Piano, Film, and multi-departmental collaborations in the main Theater, Commons Area, Recital Hall, and outdoor Amphitheater. Support would come in the form of set design and construction, lighting design, sound design, placing of diva panels, the laying of dance floor, coordination of crews, etc. A 2-season, rotating performance schedule is utilized. Typical contents of each season are as follows:
Season A (2014-2015)

• High School Drama One Act Play with Musical Theatre presentation
• Two fall & two spring High School instrumental music Concerts
• Two Middle School Drama Productions
• Collaborative Holiday Music Concert
• Dance & Emerging Artists Concert
• Collaborative Cultural Diversity Celebration
• Spring High School Play
• Fine Arts Festival Gala
• Fine Arts Festival multi-venue event on a Saturday in May
• Spring Piano Recitals
• Spring Film Festival
• Various in-school assemblies
• 2-3 Amphitheatre Pops Concerts
• Miscellaneous as scheduled (Middle School Spelling Bee, Junior Ring Presentation Ceremony, National Honor Society Induction, etc.) Season B (2015-2016)

• High School Drama One Act Play with Musical Theatre presentation
• Two fall & two spring High School instrumental music Concerts
• Fall Middle School Drama Production
• Collaborative Holiday Music Concert
• Dance & Jazz Concert
• Collaborative Cultural Diversity Celebration
• Collaborative Full Length Musical
• Fine Arts Festival multi-venue event on a Saturday in May
• Spring Piano Recitals
• Spring Film Festival
• Various in-school assemblies
• 2-3 Amphitheatre Pops Concerts
• Miscellaneous as scheduled (Middle School Spelling Bee, Junior Ring Presentation Ceremony, National Honor Society Induction, etc.)

3. Duties and Responsibilities

a. Awareness of and adherence to all general information and policies stated in the Richmond County Board of Education Employee Handbook.

b. The development of Middle School and High School Stagecraft syllabi, lesson plans, and assessments based upon the Georgia Common Core Performance Standards in Technical Theatre.

c. Attendance at full faculty, Fine Arts Department meetings, PTA meetings, pre- and post-planning events, and any other meeting as mandated by the administration.

d. The scheduling, planning, and facilitation of production meetings.

e. Technical Theater student supervision in all classroom activities including, but not limited to the Shop, House, Backstage, and Control Booth.
f. Keeping of daily attendance reports and student grades.

g. Developing production budgets and ordering of supplies.

h. The Technical Theatre director is exempt from regular teacher duties (lunch duty, hall duty, bus duty, etc.)

How to apply
Conditions for Application, Interview Scheduling, and Job Hire

a. Contact Dr. Renee Kelly to inform her of your interest in the position.
706.823.6924 x 104

b. Apply for the employment via the Richmond County Schools website:
“Human Resources” tab on the left-side menu
“Job Openings” tab for instructions on how to apply

Contact name: Renee Toole

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 10/31/2014

Job title
drama or tech teacher with benefits


Aurora, IL

Job description
Due to program growth, East Aurora High School, Aurora, IL. is hiring a .6 time teacher to join the already established Fine Arts staff. Production-focused program includes the following classes: Beginning Drama, Intermediate Drama, Advanced Drama, Honors Performance, and Technical Theatre. Seeking knowledge in acting/directing and/or technical theatre. Class sections will be divided between the current and future staff based on content knowledge. After school directing and club sponsorship stipends are available.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and be properly certified to meet Illinois Teaching License Standards. A Professional Educator License (PEL) with high school and content area endorsements required. ESL endorsement preferred.

Pay, benefits, and work schedule
Pay per collective bargaining agreement. A group hospitalization medical insurance plan, dental insurance, and term life insurance policy are provided. Hired teacher will teach 3 classes per day - either technical theatre or acting/production or both, based on qualifications. After school directing and club sponsorship stipends are available.

About hiring institution

East Aurora High School in Aurora, IL has a very successful drama program. East has employed a full-time drama teacher for decades, and a recent population growth in conjunction with program development necessitates additional teaching faculty.

How to apply
Applications should be completed online at:
Feel free to contact Ross Wheeler with questions or for more information!

Contact name: Ross Wheeler

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 08/21/2014

Job title
Teacher Educators and Accomplished Teachers


Online, work from home

Job description
Pearson is in need of Performing Arts educators to score edTPA!
edTPA is a subject-specific assessment of pedagogy, available in 27 teaching fields, that requires pre-service candidates to document and demonstrate that they can plan, teach, and assess major learning outcomes within their field of expertise.
Pearson is hiring teacher educators and accomplished teachers to score edTPA from a secure, private location such as a home or office. Qualified candidates will complete training, pass a qualification and then score edTPA assessments.

All scorers are recruited and selected because of their documented experience both with beginning teachers and with subject-matter content. The criteria for selecting and training scorers are rigorous and include:
– expertise in the subject matter or developmental level of the teaching field (degree and/or professional experience);
– teaching experience in that field (or experience teaching methods courses or supervising student teachers in that field); and
– experience mentoring or supervising beginning teachers, or administering programs that prepare them.

Pay, benefits, and work schedule
Scorers must complete a training curriculum that includes about 19 to 24 hours of online modules, interactive web-based sessions, and scoring of several qualification portfolios. Face-to-face training opportunities are also being developed for some fields.
In addition to completing the training, scorers are expected to score a minimum of 8 edTPA portfolios within a month depending on the number of submissions. The total number of edTPA portfolios available to each scorer will vary based on the volume of candidate submissions.
Scorers are also carefully monitored by trained scoring supervisors during scoring activities to maintain high quality.

About hiring institution

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE) invite you to become a scorer for edTPA™ with Pearson. Designed for the profession by the profession to support candidate learning and preparation program growth and renewal, edTPA was developed by teachers and teacher educators from across the nation in collaboration with faculty and staff from Stanford University. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards and InTASC Standards, edTPA assesses teaching that promotes student learning in diverse contexts.

How to apply
Please join our professional learning community of committed educators at:

Contact name: Pearson Human Resources

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 09/30/2014

Job title
Technical Theatre Teacher


Shorewood High School

Job description
The School District of Shorewood is seeking a highly qualified Technical Theater teacher to work in partnership with the drama curriculum to teach high school students set design, construction, sound, and lighting while designing and building sets for four major productions and several small productions annually. The teacher in this position will teach technical education with an emphasis on safe practices when using machinery, equipment, and tools. This position is not fully developed and may or may not include teaching additional subjects to students in grades 7-12 based on the candidate pool and their certification/s.

Shorewood High School puts on three major drama performances a year and a talent show. Recent productions include: West Side Story, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Godspell, Spring Awakening, Aida, Avenue Q, Cabaret, Urinetown, Rent and Ragtime. A part-time costumer is on staff to teach one costuming class and to design and build costume plots for the major productions.

Three of our last four musicals have earned “Most Outstanding Musical” Tommy Awards. The Tommy Awards program honors outstanding High School Musical Theatre in Southern Wisconsin. In 2013-2014, Shorewood was the first school in the history of the program to be named “Most Outstanding Musical” twice in one year.
•Conveys a positive attitude when working with students, endeavors to develop a positive self image in each child, strives to develop rapport with the student as an individual for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcomes.
•Supervises all technical aspects related to stage production (e.g. scenic construction lighting, sound systems, technical rehearsals, etc.) for the purpose of supporting the productions on a per show basis.
•Trains students and other persons for the purpose of ensuring proper and safe use of stage facilities, tools, equipment, etc. in furtherance of curricula and stage productions.
•Utilizes specialized instructional skills (e.g. recognizing learning styles of individual students, evaluating students, selecting instructional materials, etc.) for the purpose of implementing the District’s prescribed curriculum.
•Approves various activities (e.g. schedules for use of auditorium, hires all additional theater technicians, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring availability facility required by school and non-school users.
•Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
•Attends meetings for the purpose of providing general oversight of the Performing Arts Department, its activities and its personnel.
•Collaborates with school personnel or other users of auditorium facility as needed or requested for the purpose of providing scenic, lighting design, and sound on a per show basis.
•Coordinates with box office and other authorized personnel for the purpose of supporting the presentation of productions to the public, or similar circumstances in which others are patrons or users of the facility.
•Maintains inventory records for the purpose of providing for such technical assets, including projected use and schedules of depreciation.
•Maintains stage and media equipment (e.g. lighting, sound, scenic and other production equipment, tools, supplies, materials, physical assets, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability and functioning of required tools and equipment within a safe work area.
•Develops safety procedures for all activities conducted onstage, backstage, and related areas for the purpose of providing the necessary support to drama activities that are considered as part of school curricula or in furtherance of stage production.
•Oversees general use of stage and related areas (e.g. for rehearsals, auditions, meetings, etc.) for the purpose of providing necessary support to productions and facility as appropriate.
•Prepares various documents (e.g. budgets for purchases, rental of technical assets, technical production budget, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that items are within district budget requirements and/or in compliance with established accounting procedures.
•Repairs equipment for the purpose of ensuring that items are available and in safe working condition.
•Ensures that costume storage areas are kept neat and organized.
•Shows an interest in extracurricular activities.
•Works with the Shorewood Recreation and Community Services Assistant to ensure facility use needs are met.
•Participates and collaborates as a member of the school faculty by assuming duties required of all teachers.
•Maintains professional skills by attending professional development activities.
•Performs other duties as assigned.

Candidates should be highly organized and have a wide range of skills for facilitating the curricular and performing arts use of the auditorium. Background in technical theatre experience a must - professional/educational theatre background preferred. Wisconsin Certification or the ability to receive Wisconsin Certification in Theatre (400) is necessary. Applicants with a 400 Theatre and a 220 Technology Education and Language Arts certification would be ideal.

Pay, benefits, and work schedule
Position is predominately school year only, August - June. Work schedule includes day, evening and weekend availability. Shorewood teacher pay ranges from $40,157 to $80,153 annually.

About hiring institution

The Drama Program has the full and enthusiastic support of the school community, including administration, parents, faculty, students, and the community at-large. Learn more about our program at and our district at

How to apply
Applications must be submitted through WECAN at: please use the "File Attachment" link on the WECAN main menu to attach additional materials including your cover letter, current resume, three letter(s) of professional reference, college transcripts and your Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction license. Please do not send hard copies or e-mail these items.

Contact name: Kim Grady

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 08/15/2014

Job title
Theatre Arts Teacher


Teague High School

Job description
Primary Purpose:

Effectively prepare students for UIL (OAP) competition; manage a classroom in a way that is conductive to student learning.
Provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences in the core academic subject area assigned to help them fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Enable students to develop competencies and skills to function successfully in society.

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of core academic subject assigned
Knowledge of curriculum and instruction
Ability to instruct students and manage their behavior
Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

One year student teaching or approved internship

Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
Valid Texas teaching certificate with required endorsements or training for subject and level assigned
Demonstrated competency in the core academic subject area assigned

Pay, benefits, and work schedule
TISD Pay Scale

About hiring institution
Class 3A High School

How to apply
Resume to Chris Skinner

Contact name: Chris Skinner

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 08/30/2014

Job title
Artistic Director


Marietta, GA

Job description
The Artistic Director is responsible for developing and implementing the artistic vision of Curtain Call Youth Players. The AD reports to and works with the Board of Directors to ensure that CCYP is guided by its mission and core values. This is a part time position with a stipend.


  • Develop, implement and evaluate all programs for the season (August to September). Current programs include Summer Stock, Players, Troupe and Summer Camps.
  • Select a season of plays and production schedules for all programs to be submitted to the Board for approval
  • Obtain and secure royalties, production rights, performance location and rehearsal materials for each production
  • Hire all contracted staff. (including soliciting and evaluating resumes, conducting interviews, running background checks, and negotiating and distributing contracts)
  • Oversee Production Manager who directly supervises the production staff
  • Lead initial production meetings and post production meetings for all programs
  • Ensure the quality of productions by advising all production teams on casting, artistic vision, conduct policy, resources, etc.
  • Work with the Treasurer to develop the individual production budgets. Provide input to the Treasurer regarding the development of the annual operating budget.
  • Act as the face of CCYP to parents and the immediate CCYP community
  • Facilitate Parent/Actor Kick Off meetings
  • Attend Parent Meetings to assist the Production Manager and serve as an additional resource to parents
  • Provide updates on all programming for monthly Board meetings
  • Attend board meetings on a quarterly basis to report on artistic activity

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate various events designed to encourage the sense of community within CCYP (game nights, parties, field trips, etc.)
  • Attend at least one performance for each production.

Pay, benefits, and work schedule

Part time position with stipend

About hiring institution

CCYP seeks to fulfill a community need to educate youth in all aspects of performing and producing live theatre and to nurture the love of live theatre in persons of all ages.

Striving for Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do.
Artistry: We focus on the creative process and creating a positive learning environment.
Inclusion: We strive to create a supportive learning environment that nurtures all types of learners and skill levels.
Educational Power of Theatre: We use the production of live theatre to develop life skills such as communication, research and self-management, and social skills such as teamwork, cooperation and leadership.
Respect: We treat each other with respect.
Fiscal Responsibility: We are fiscally responsible and effective managers of our resources to support short term needs and long term sustainability.
Integrity: We do the right thing because we are an organization of integrity.

How to apply
Email resume and cover letter to

Contact name: Shannon Lindsay

Contact email:

Closing date for applications: 08/31/2014