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  • Denise Connor

    Videotaping auditions?

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Does anyone video tape their school play/musical auditions? I am considering it for our upcoming musical (Shrek), with the idea that if (when??) a student complains about not getting a role (say,... More

  • Jessica Harms

    Where to Buy Tape

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Where do you like to purchase your spike and gaff tape from? Who has the best de More

  • photo not available

    School Work during Production Week

    Posted in: Open Forum

    During Production Week (Dress Rehearsals and Performances), does your administration give breaks to the students involved in the production? Our production week is this week and my students have project... More

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  • Liz Coin

    Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa.

    Once upon a Thursday, my friend Abby Kurth (Iowa STO) and I drove up with our director, William Myatt, to Cedar Falls,...

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    Denver, CO, United States
  5. Colorado State Thespian Conference

    Dec 4 - 6
    Denver, CO, United States

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