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  • photo not available

    Sick Students

    Posted in: Open Forum

    My advanced theatre students had a performance last night. It was a night of two person Shakespearean scenes that the students have been working on for two months. Last week, one girl fell ill and... More

  • Marshall Henderson

    Do you require your classroom students to attend...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I've never *required* my classroom students to attend a fall show or spring musical since it involves: ticketing and/or a free passes and/or parents who must attend, drop off and/or drive, etc. etc.... More

  • Sonja Brown

    tech event photos

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I am in need of photos of tech events to inspire my Stagecraft students to compete. The only event they have seen was costume design by a competitor last year. Please post photos here or send to my... More

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  • Liz Coin

    Iowa Leadership Retreat: A Real Summer Treat

    In August of this past summer, I had the privilege to attend the first ever Iowa Leadership Retreat held at Grinnell High...

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  1. Pennsylvania State Thespian Conference

    Dec 4 - 6
    York, PA, United States
  2. Colorado Junior Thespian Conference

    Dec 4, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (MT)
    Denver, CO, United States
  3. Colorado State Thespian Conference

    Dec 4 - 6
    Denver, CO, United States
  4. Michigan Thespian Fesitival

    Dec 5 - 6
    University Center, MI, United States
  5. New Hampshire Educational Theatre Conference/Northeast Conference

    Dec 5 - 6
    Hampton, NH, United States

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