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    Devised Theatre

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hello all! Anyone done devised theatre before? We are embarking on the Devised Theatre journey this spring for our mainstage. I've done mini-devised theatre projects with my classes to create 15 minute... More

  • Aileen Zeigler

    Stage Craft/Technical Theatre Textbook

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hello All! I'm looking for thoughts on the various options available as Technical Theatre/StageCraft Text Books. I am looking for a book for a 9-12th grade course. We are a growing program but I... More

  • John Perry

    Commedia Masks

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I am going to purchase a set of commedia masks for classroom work. I know there are many craftsmen who make masks but does anyone have a mask-maker they would recommend? Do you have a set? AP More

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  • Liz Coin

    Iowa Leadership Retreat: A Real Summer Treat

    In August of this past summer, I had the privilege to attend the first ever Iowa Leadership Retreat held at Grinnell High...

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Upcoming events
  1. Pennsylvania State Thespian Conference

    Dec 4 - 6
    York, PA, United States
  2. Colorado Junior Thespian Conference

    Dec 4, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (MT)
    Denver, CO, United States
  3. Colorado State Thespian Conference

    Dec 4 - 6
    Denver, CO, United States
  4. Michigan Thespian Fesitival

    Dec 5 - 6
    University Center, MI, United States
  5. New Hampshire Educational Theatre Conference/Northeast Conference

    Dec 5 - 6
    Hampton, NH, United States

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