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  • Virginia Schreiber

    Violet blowing up into a Blueberry/Squirrel Pup...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Good Morning, I am currently directing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I was hoping that others could provide some suggestions in regard to "Violet" blowing up to a blueberry. Did any of... More

  • Melissa Mintzer

    RE: Play/musical choice for make-up design

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Our most recent creative make up designs were for Seussical, and Dracula. All the jungle creatures in the Jungle of Nool - we had iguanas, giraffes, the Wickersham Brothers, sour kangaroo, etc.... More

  • photo not available

    How to establish officer of a new troupe?

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We have just established a troupe at our high school, and I am in the process of getting students inducted into the program. BUT how to I go about getting the officers established?! Help! More

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  • Tracie Kunzika

    Weekends of Fun and Firsts!

    Last weekend, I hopped off the train, grabbed my bags and roamed the streets of New York to meet up with my student leadership...

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