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last person joined: 5 days ago 
View Only Access Advocacy
The advocacy community is where EdTA members and others can share and find information about national and state issues, policies, and initiatives that are impacting...
last person joined: 2 days ago 
View Only Access Open Forum
An open community that any teacher, student, parent, advocate, administrator or artist is welcome to join. This is the starting place for all general activity,...
last person joined: 7 days ago 
View Only Access Prop, Costume and Set Sharing (MEMBERS ONLY)
This group is a benefit of active membership in the Educational Theatre Association. Members can make arrangements to rent, buy, share, or borrow prop, costume...
last person joined: 6 days ago 
View Only Access Student to Student
This group is for high school students to share ideas and seek advice from their peers.
last person joined: 6 days ago 
View Only Access Thespian Festival
If you have been to Festival, plan to attend Festival, support Festival, or are just interested in learning more, this is the place for you. Anyone who joins this...