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Latest discussions

  • Scott Piehler

    RE: Cultural Shift?

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Cultural shift? Don't know as I'd go that far. I think the factors at play have always been here, you just got hit with a perfect storm. We are dealing with a generation that has been told it's all about them, and they have social media to back...

  • photo not available

    Overseas MA Certification

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I completed my Masters Degree in Theatre Studies in England (Leeds) in 1993, and my teacher training (Secondary Theatre - Manchester Metropolitan) in 1995. Now I am teaching in Massachusetts and need to get my MA certified by one of the many organizations...

  • Susan Speidel

    RE: Small Cast All-Female Musical

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Quilters has seven women and 4 or 5 musicians.

  • Alyssa Jewell

    ITO New York Trip

    STO and ITO

    The ITO take on New York! From the Laguardia Airport to Time Square, the hustle and bustle of New York was all around....

  • Tracie Kunzika

    Weekends of Fun and Firsts!

    Last weekend, I hopped off the train, grabbed my bags and roamed the streets of New York to meet up with my student leadership...

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  • Rachel Gatewood

    The Place so Nice they Named it Twice

    It has officially been nine months since I have been involved in a musical or show. Nine. Months. I am initially a very...

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Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Diane Carr

State Chapter Agreement

Posted in: Leadership Toolbox

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    Kristi Jacobs-Stanley

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  2. Shira Schwartz
    Shira Schwartz

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  3. Vicki Bartholomew
    Vicki Bartholomew

    Sherwood, OR

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