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Welcome to the Theatre Education Community: building knowledge in the field of theatre education.

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Latest discussions

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    RE: Sick Students

    Posted in: Open Forum

    It does sound like students are pushing it a bit. You need to come up with a standard, difficult, make-up assignment that they do on their own. I like research papers or writing original one act plays. You should also give public praise and extra...

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    RE: Looking for Uncle Remus plays

    Posted in: Open Forum

    These are folk stories that were published over a hundred years ago. You can find them on Project Gutenburg, which puts them in public domain. Write your own plays from this source material. ...

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    RE: Do you require your classroom students to attend...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I require all students in all theatre classes, including stagecraft, to write two performance reviews per semester. These may be of any live show in any venue: play, musical, concert, dance show, etc. The show they are reviewing has to be at least...

  • Tracie Kunzika

    More is Definitely Merrier!

    Connecticut! One of the smaller states, but the amount of passion it has for the arts exceeds the size by many miles....

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  • Liz Coin

    Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa.

    Once upon a Thursday, my friend Abby Kurth (Iowa STO) and I drove up with our director, William Myatt, to Cedar Falls,...

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  • Ginny Butsch

    Community Spotlight: Amy Sidwell

    Open Forum

    One of the main goals for our Theatre Education Community is to help theatre students and professionals from all...

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Diane Carr

State Chapter Director election vita form

Posted in: About Us

Craig Branch

General Information

Posted in: Junior Thespian Festival

Craig Branch

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