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Welcome to the Theatre Education Community: building knowledge in the field of theatre education.

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Latest discussions

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    Travel Company for Spring Break

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I am thinking about taking a trip to NYC over spring break. I have been dealing with Break-Away Tours but he is no longer arranging trips. I am talking to EF Explore America, Brightspark, and Teach by Travel. Has anyone dealt with any of these companies...

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    Standardized Testing the musical

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Does anyone know how to obtain the rights for Standardized Testing, the musical by Sam Wilmott? I know it's been done in competition but I can't locate it online

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    RE: Help: Theatre For Social Justice

    Posted in: Open Forum

    One of the winners of the North Carolina Theatre Conference One-Act Festival last year was called 'The Parchman Hour' about the Freedom Riders in the South. Check it out! Powerful.

  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions 2014/2015: Show Selection!

    Open Forum

    It is official: Summer is over, and school has started (or will be starting very soon in a county near you)! I will...

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  • Ginny Butsch

    Community Spotlight: Jared Grigsby

    Open Forum

    One of the main goals for our Theatre Education Community is to help theatre students and professionals from all...

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  • Danysha Lamadieu

    Dany's Advocacy Tales


    Last Saturday I got an opportunity to go to a recording studio with a few members of my mom's band. They are music majors...

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Christopher Hunt

About EdTA

Posted in: Leadership Toolbox

Christopher Hunt

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Writer's guidelines

Posted in: Dramatics magazine

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