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Welcome to the Theatre Education Community: building knowledge in the field of theatre education.

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Latest discussions

  • Jo Lane

    RE: Alice in Wonderland

    Posted in: Open Forum

    You can take a look at the script I adapted a couple years ago for a steampunk version (primarily done with costumes, scenery, props, and sound, not the script itself) hence the spelling Alyse instead of Alice. If you want to use it, you have free...

  • Krista Carson Elhai

    RE: Musical Theatre Tracks

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi, I've had great success with mptpit. I would also suggest Email/call and talk to a rep from both. Explain what you are looking for, size of house, who is running the tracks, and negotiate with them on price.

  • photo not available

    RE: The Laramie Project Community Engagement

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We created a (short!) prologue in which the actors talked about their thoughts and feelings about being involved with the production. Developing the prologue also gave the cast an opportunity to discuss any concerns they might have in trying to get...

  • Ginny Butsch

    Community Spotlight: Jared Grigsby

    Open Forum

    One of the main goals for our Theatre Education Community is to help theatre students and professionals from all...

  • Danysha Lamadieu

    Dany's Advocacy Tales


    Last Saturday I got an opportunity to go to a recording studio with a few members of my mom's band. They are music majors...

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  • Gregory Bossler

    City of Thespians 3

    We continue our series of conversations with some of our better-known Thespians by talking with the man who gave voice...

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Christopher Hunt

About EdTA

Posted in: Leadership Toolbox

Christopher Hunt

photo not available

Writer's guidelines

Posted in: Dramatics magazine

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