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Latest discussions

  • Phillip Rayher

    RE: costume racks

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Yes, Yes Yes on two statements- Yes- you do get what you pay for- save your money and get the best. I don't follow this advice at times and I can't tell you how many cheap costume racks I have thrown away (and cheap fog machines also). Yes- the Zs...

  • Phillip Rayher

    RE: Good Monlogues For College Auditions Both Male...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Now with our great GOOGLE (lol) we can find many lists of overdone monologues. A list that the student wants to refer to during their search. Here are a few:

  • Connie Sandoz

    RE: Over acting

    Posted in: Open Forum

    My students love doing over the top and it's especially helpful when you're doing a show that needs some over acting. Students who haven't done it before may be shy at first about doing it but they'll soon get into it :)

  • Zena

    Mongolia...a New School Year Begins

    Open Forum

    Happy 2014-2015 School Year from MONGOLIA! As I look ahead to a new school year in a new country with new responsibilities...

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  • Brian Benz

    Thespian Alums Win Big at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards

    Open Forum

    ​ Thespian Alums Win Big at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards CONGRATULATIONS! We’re very proud...

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  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions 2014/2015: Show Selection!

    Open Forum

    It is official: Summer is over, and school has started (or will be starting very soon in a county near you)! I will...

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Christopher Hunt

About EdTA

Posted in: Leadership Toolbox

Christopher Hunt

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Writer's guidelines

Posted in: Dramatics magazine

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