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I recently began rehearsals for a community theatre production of Almost, Maine and it made me remember some very important “skills” that can get you ahead in the acting world. It’s basic advice, but I am always surprised by the number of actors who seem to find these out the hard way, after it’s too late. If you haven’t already, I recommend putting these tips into practice immediately, they can only help you. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Be nice to everyone. Fellow actors, techies, stage moms, ushers, box office staff, absolutely every single person you meet. This is the most important advice I can give you, I can’t stress it enough. Theatre is an impossibly small world. People you meet now will cross your path 20 years from now. They will probably be your director. Or your boss. If you were mean or difficult, a bad reputation could get you blacklisted no matter how talented you are.

Be reliable. Have your lines memorized before everyone else. Write your notes down and memorize them. Even if you aren’t the world’s best actor and you don’t exactly fit the part, directors will still consider you because you make their lives easier and less stressful. Even better, they’ll recommend you to other directors!

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