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AMERICAN THEATRE Magazine, April 2014 edition

AMERICAN THEATRE Magazine, April 2014 edition
I believe in making our presence known with the professional theatre companies in our regions. If the company has an education department, I think we can be a partner with sharing the value and benefit of sequential, standards-based Theatre education for Pre-K through high school students. 
The professional and regional theatre companies should be looking to us for more than just "selling tickets to our students." They need to recognize what we do to educate their future professionals and appreciative audiences. They can be a valuable link to schools to careers training and internships for our students to work alongside the professionals.
In the April edition of AMERICAN THEATRE, the Executive Director writes an article entitled "Theatre Is the Common Core."
She states, "Theatre has a unique kind of power to cultivate hearts and minds. Its absence in schools reflects an absence of commitment on all our parts to the imaginations of future generations."

I hope that each Theatre educator has made a vital connection with a nearby professional theatre company.
The benefits can be wonderful for educators and students. I also see that we can partner with them when we need help with legislators to adopt the new national standards. 

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