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Dany's Advocacy Tales

Dany's Advocacy Tales
Last Saturday I got an opportunity to go to a recording studio with a few members of my mom's band. They are music majors from Tennessee! Many of them have decided to teach music to youth in their older years. I've never had the opportunity to actually speak to them until that Saturday. They asked me about what I want to do after school and I told them theatre. THEY WERE SHOCKED. They didn't understand how a student was involved in theatre at a young age without it being community theatre.  I told them there's an entire association dedicated to theatre education in schools! I spoke specifically with one that is a percussionist teacher.  I told him all the opportunities I've gotten from EdTA and all the great people I've met. He was extremely excited about getting his students involved!  So basically I'm here to tell you that advocacy works and inspires people! So get out there and tell your story! Someone will listen!  And please tell me your advocacy tales. I adore hearing them. 🎭
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