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Freshman year in review

Freshman year in review
What comes to mind when you think school? Clubs, homework, AP and Honors Classes. I originally was scared to death as to what may face me my first year in high school. I had done theatre the previous year in 8th grade but that was nothing compared to what happens in high school. I went in almost blindly thinking I could do ten things at once. It turned out false and I fully committed myself to staying up to do homework every single night. I had to get a break from it so I dropped all AP classes and gave time to myself. Within that time, I got involved more with my Thespian Troupe at school and learned it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt like I actually belonged somewhere in high school and I found what I loved doing best. I learned from thespians that there are stars on stage and back. I never really understood theatre until I got so many different point of views. I think maybe it is the stage that can change a shy scared freshman into a show stopper or a timid kid into a pee for free rebel. I think Freshman year turned out for the better than I had thought and better than I had dreamed since I had my Thespian Troupe by my side throughout the whole year.
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Ginny Butsch May 28, 2014 10:21 am
Thanks for sharing your experience, Collin! I hope your sophomore year is even better!