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    African-American all-female script

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Does anyone have an idea for an all-female, all-African-American script? I have 6 students who want me to find a script for them, specifically. However, they do not want a "black history" script,... More

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    Four plays to explore with intermediate level s...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hello - Looking to try out a new course. I want to explore theatre history/genres by reading and doing scenes from four plays. I'd love to expose them to some variety in terms of content, style and... More

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    Selecting the "just right" musical

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Aloha, I'm back with a follow up to my post earlier in the year about selecting my first musical at a new school. I thought I had a great musical- a particular version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-... More

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  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions: Beware of Literalism...

    Just a short blog today, especially in the mad dash toward the Christmas holidays and the wrapping up of our fall/winter...

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