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  • Patricia Giles

    Light Weight Touring Flats

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hello, I really need advice for my one-act competition set (The Savage Dilemma by John Patrick). It's an interior and it has to be free standing and fit in a 10 x 10 space. I need very lightweight... More

  • Debbie MacKinney

    Musical Theatre Tracks

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We are doing our first musical this year. Our stage is in an MPR and because our acoustics are terrible and other reasons, we have decided to use tracks instead of attempting an orchestra that will... More

  • Mark Saltalamachia

    Facility usage forms

    Posted in: Open Forum

    This message has been cross posted to the following Discussions: EdTA State Chapter Directors and Open Forum . More

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  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions 2014/2015: Show Selection!

    Open Forum

    It is official: Summer is over, and school has started (or will be starting very soon in a county near you)! I will...

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