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    [title of show]

    Posted in: Open Forum

    We are interested in this show for our spring blackbox production. I know that Interlochen did a version with additional people. What are the chances that we could get permission to do that? We're... More

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    Fireworks effects you can't take it with you

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi all, I'm looking for ways to create the firework effects needed for you can't take it with you. Specifically the red glow Paul shows Alice and the big fireworks at the end if act 2. The show is... More

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    African-American all-female script

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Does anyone have an idea for an all-female, all-African-American script? I have 6 students who want me to find a script for them, specifically. However, they do not want a "black history" script,... More

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  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions: Beware of Literalism...

    Just a short blog today, especially in the mad dash toward the Christmas holidays and the wrapping up of our fall/winter...

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