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Latest discussions

  • photo not available

    Who is eligible to attend festival?

    Posted in: Thespian Festival

    Are students who have just graduated from their high school in June 2015 eligible to attend the 2015 festival with their troupe? Are students who are working toward Induction but not there yet eligible? Thanks!

  • Michael Bergman

    Make-Up Artist/Designer

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hey all. The missing link in our theatre team is a make-up person. We have managed, but just barely, to get by with minimal, simple make-up. But it's about time add that to our program. So I wanted to ask, do you hire a make-up designer for shows?...

  • Danysha Lamadieu

    RE:Good Monlogues For College Auditions Both Male...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Dearly Departed has some AMAZING monologues!

  • Zena

    Mongolia...a New School Year Begins

    Open Forum

    Happy 2014-2015 School Year from MONGOLIA! As I look ahead to a new school year in a new country with new responsibilities...

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  • Brian Benz

    Thespian Alums Win Big at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards

    Open Forum

    ​ Thespian Alums Win Big at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards CONGRATULATIONS! We’re very proud...

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  • Phillip Goodchild

    Confessions 2014/2015: Show Selection!

    Open Forum

    It is official: Summer is over, and school has started (or will be starting very soon in a county near you)! I will...

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Christopher Hunt

About EdTA

Posted in: Leadership Toolbox

Christopher Hunt

photo not available

Writer's guidelines

Posted in: Dramatics magazine

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