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Role of the Appointed Board Members

Role of the Appointed Board Members
Fellow EdTA Members --

Over the past several months, a subcommittee was charged by the Board to put into words the role/purpose of the Appointed Board Member position -- basically why do we have appointed members?

Below is the language which this weekend the Board approved and will be published on the site, but I wanted to share it through our community as a place that also can allow for dialogue as needed.

I am proud of the role I play on the Board as a member of the Assn., a Thespian and as an Appointed Member.  I have enjoyed this conference a lot -- seeing people again, meeting new people, and engaging in great dialogue.

Happy Trails!


Appointed Board Members diversify the makeup of the EdTA Board of Directors.  For the Association to broaden its influence and ensure its mission and results reflect the industry and world around, diverse approach and perspective is essential.

It is vital to the Association, which seeks to be seen as the pre-eminent association for theatre education in the world, to have firm and lasting connections to the creative leaders, producers, and individual artists working in the field today (and tomorrow).

Appointed Board Members have the potential to bring to the Board experience in leadership roles which are often very different from those of professional educators, including individuals with experience leading diverse, non-centrally located teams.  This leadership diversity is critical to an organization seeking to move into greater national and world status and position.  In addition, as the organization grows, Appointed Board Members with some measure of corporate experience can bring an ability to think and plan strategically, manage significant budgets and consider the implications of a large national (and international) association.

Appointed Board Members have the potential to bring to the board a perspective of theatre education very different from that of someone who works exclusively in the field of education.  

Appointed Board Members have the potential to complement the present sitting board with expertise and skill sets which are needed to advance the mission statement and strategic plan.

*Appointed Members’ Qualifications

Identifying individuals to serve, key factors include, but not limited to:

  • personal or professional knowledge of, experience with, or connection to the process or outcome of educational theatre

  • passion for theatre and theatre education

  • exhibited leadership excellence

  • desire to serve/lead a national membership association

  • willingness to invest time and other resources to advance the association’s mission statement

  • ability to fulfill the financial board commitment

  • ability to attend EdTA yearly events.

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